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Find os her.

Glostrup Svømmehal, Kld (HardWork) lokalet.

Christiansvej 2, 2600 Glostrup


KFA Hold


16-17.30 Buhurt kamp

17.30-18.30 Kickboxing (WTKA-Kasai Kai) Børnehold med Heino/Elias/Claus

18.30-20.00 Kickboxing ( Asian freestyle-Kasai Kai) Voksenhold med Ole/Christo



17.00  Kickboxing (WTKA-Kasai Kai) Børnehold med Claus/Andrei/Elias

18.00  Kickboxing ( Asian freestyle-Kasai Kai) Voksenhold med Kim/Claus

20.15 Tac-Fit med Rufus



16.00-17.30 Buhurt Kamp



08.00-10.00 Tac-Fit med Rufus

10.30-12.00 BJJ/MMA  med Morten/Christian



09.00-11.00 Kasai Kai Impact Karate 

Non-traditionnel impact Karate, based on few kata, basic kihon and Kumite from day one. We are a part of KFA and have room for all, who carry respect for others and carry the will, to let go off the daily stress and just focus in the dojo.